[Communist Ad] Rentier Money Making scheme

Via Paul Joseph Watson

Elvina Black, the CEO of PodShare, says she was born in the Soviet Union and “liked the idea of the government giving you everything in a Communist state.”

PodShare promo vid here.

“What if you subscribed to a housing membership and could have all your needs met…these basic things that you just need to live they should be handled for you,” she added.

The accommodation is described as “affordable shared housing” despite the fact that each tenant pays $1200 dollars a month for their micro-pod.

This is the future urban millennials have to look forward to. Living in atomized dystopian mega cities in ‘pods’ because everything else is totally unaffordable. No pets, no family. No ownership. Live in a pod, work in a pod.

My comment: This chick was born in the Soviet Union in ’85 and she hasn’t got a clue. Pod-dwellings were never an ideal for the Commies back then. In fact, quite the opposite. One idea was to dismantle personal kitchens [in buildings] and have common kitchens. An idea that I don’t support by the way. It seems that in the West, it’s so easy to entice newer gens if an oligarch sells a rentier money making scheme under the label of Marxism/Communism/Socialism. Even with Yang’s basic income, one who’s out of a job can’t “enjoy” pod life…