Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era

It is here that the full breadth of the Epstein scandal comes into view. It is a criminal and unconscionable blackmail operation that has been run by influential figures, hidden in plain sight, for over half a century, exploiting and destroying the lives of untold numbers of children in the process. Over the years, it has grown many branches and spread well beyond the United States, as seen by the activity of Covenant House in Latin America and Epstein’s own international effort to recruit more girls to be abused and exploited.

All of this has taken place with the full knowledge and blessing of top figures in the world of “philanthropy” and in the U.S. government and intelligence communities, with great influence over several presidential administrations, particularly since the rise of Ronald Reagan and continuing through to Donald Trump.

Read the full article by Whitney Webb here.

Tlaib & Omar aren’t really helping the Palestinian cause

In this Duran article, Seraphim Hanisch writes: […] many Palestinians may see a light of hope in rhetoric from Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar. And to be sure, sometimes what they say is very accurate. To give these two ladies credit, especially Ilhan Omar, never has the nature of what is going on in Israel with regard to Palestine been as baldly exposed as it has in her fiery comments. Nevertheless – and this is likely to be very aggravating for pro-Palestinian folks – these two women are probably the worst possible choices to idolize and support with regards to this situation. […]
The narratives and established opinions by great powers is set in place and it is too strong to beat in the way that has been attempted for over fifty years. Israel cries victim at the drop of a hat, and the most powerful nation in the world is in their pocket, so they will win every time they are attacked. That is not going to change as long as the image of the Palestinian people is that of a bunch of zealots and terrorists. Even with the liberal press often more supportive of Palestinian oppression, there is no effect on the image problem of suicide bombings and rocket attacks that appear largely unprovoked and pure manifestations of Palestinian rage. There has to be a different path. […] So far, the Palestinian response to various aspects of that [Kushner] plan have not done their cause any credit – the news is that they flatly refused to even look at it. This is not negotiating from a position of strength for the Palestinians because of their surrounding reputation for violence. This makes them look untrustworthy. […] fifty-plus years points to the fact that nothing has changed as it was done before, and history shows that nonviolent opposition to a tyrannical power defeats the tyrannical power. The man who developed this strategy, Moandas K. Gandhi said that it is a provocative fight, and one that will hurt.

My comment: First, I want to point out that the Palestinian side has every right to regard the Kushner plan with disdain. Many analysts, including Israeli commentators, have deemed it [based on the draft] as not serious and more like a bribe, than an actual peace deal. Second, I agree with Mr. Hanisch that the two women are definitely not real Muslims, given their ‘new age’ values. I also agree that Tlaib and Omar aren’t the best advocates for the Palestinian cause; but my reasons for believing that are based on the national view as opposed to the globalist way of doing business and on geopolitics, rather than religious animosities between Christians, Muslims, and Jews – which are secondary impediments in my opinion. You can’t campaign in the USA against borders and immigration rules, while at the same time supporting the creation of a Palestinian state, with its own borders and immigration laws.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is a major agent of influence in the whole equation. Mahmoud Abbas [after Turkey shared the recording of Khashoggi’s murder by the Crown Prince’s goons to Germany, France, Britain, and the United States] was quick to publicly express his enduring fealty to the house of Saud. And, as regular readers of the Duran know, Saudi Arabia and Israel have a good track record of cooperation, especially in recent times. Saudi Arabia doesn’t grant citizenship to Palestinian immigrants living on its territory – the only nationality to be discriminated against in this fashion under Saudi law. Hamas’ support to Daesh shouldn’t be neglected either. Ironically, later on, ISIS ended up accusing Hamas of being a tool of the Israelis – when the group didn’t retaliate militarily after Washington recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. I think it’s safe to say that they’re useful idiots. Talk about disunity among the Arab peoples… Let’s remember Israel’s role in creating the opposition it now loathes. It helped to spawn Hamas, in order to counter the secular PLO. The religious zealots in both Israel and the occupied territories feed off one another – and are unable to sell their agenda to the public otherwise, or if they are, with much greater difficulty.

Lastly, a two state solution isn’t economically-viable; it would render Palestine a de facto vassal of Israel in terms of access to real resources. The only solution that makes economic sense is a one state solution: a multi ethnic, multi racial, secular state called Israel-Palestine, with a strong written constitution to protect the public from the excesses of any political party or coalition that might come to power. As for taxes, there should be a site value tax to replace taxation on labor, buildings, sales and enterprise; and community land trusts should be established. By decommodifying land – treating it as the Natural Commons – giving everyone access to land and providing affordable housing, ethnic and religious tensions can be greatly mitigated. A Westphalian approach is required for this to work – forgiving and forgetting all the bad blood – and a national system of political economy needs to be implemented to ensure that this new [wiped] slate remains unsullied. Without a minimum degree of civic nationalism, no nation can survive. Without this basic, fundamental glue – a country fractures into tribes, and cults, and enclaves, and it fractures violently. I can’t help but feel Tlaib and Omar are making the US Israel First policy and Palestinian issue part of the usual political soccer game between Democrats and Republicans – a PR game that Trump and his camp are bound to win based on perception alone; while the Palestinian case sadly and unfairly ends up linked with the ‘loony left.’ And, of course, the left itself uses shaming tactics and virtue signalling against ideological opponents, like David Duke, whenever their views happen to coincide and they do on the situation of Palestinians living under Israeli-imposed Apartheid.

Alex Jones, Maximum Hypocrite & Hegemonist

by Serban V.C. Enache

I write this blog post after listening to the Alex Jones show on internet radio. I’m so disgusted by Jones’ blatant hypocrisy and supremacist stances, it’s not even funny.

First, Alex Jones spoke with orgasmic vigor about Trump’s offer to buy Greenland. Jones invoked American Manifest Destiny, the ‘superior’ American creed, and how smart from a business perspective the whole venture is. This is the same Alex Jones who will criticize with fervent zeal foreign states and foreign firms who come into the US looking to buy politicians, law makers, firms of all kinds, and land. Jones will call waves of migrants and refugees seeking to enter the US, legally or not, as invaders – but he staunchly promotes the idea of Yankees colonizing Greenland. He didn’t shy away from using the verb – “to colonize.” In fact, Jones, per his usual sophistry, repeated several times the age of those inhabitants of Greenland, with the aim to downplay hundreds of years of history as not being comparable to thousands of years – even though the USA doesn’t even come close to matching those seven centuries he invoked. Imagine the reaction of Greenlanders, if any of them heard Jones’ designs for their country: US capital coming in to buy their land, US immigrants coming in to settle and push them out, US corporations coming in to extract resources and destroy the environment.

Then Jones moved on to another subject. He tried to disculpate himself from accusations levied at him for being a Zionist shill. Jones said that’s the litmus test, the place where the Far Right and the Far Left agree on. Jones confessed to being pro-Israel, that he adopted this stance after hearing all the criticism against Apartheid Israel, which he deems unfair. Jones compared Israel’s situation [with the Palestinians] with racism in America, implying that it’s all a SJW fabrication – as if the two things are even comparable. By stating that “Saudi Arabia doesn’t take in one Palestinian,” Jones again implies that Palestinians must be a menace. I wonder if he uses the same logic to Syrian refugees… At any rate, this claim of his is a lie. Around 240,000 Palestinians live in Saudi Arabia. That being said, Palestinians are the sole foreign group that cannot benefit from a 2004 law, which entitles expatriates of all nationalities who have resided in the kingdom for ten years to apply for citizenship.

Jones also didn’t miss another opportunity to slander Ilhan Omar, saying she’s silent on Saudi Arabia’s track record on human rights abuse. Omar has made statements condemning Saudi Arabia; and Saudi-sponsored news outlets attacked her for it. To say she’s a hypocrite on this issue [on violent, despotic, corrupt Islamic regimes] is fake news – the same fake news tactics Alex Jones deplores when Trump’s the target. Using the Zionist playbook word for word, Jones insisted that Israel’s critics all have the same view, that Israel hasn’t the right to exist, which is a complete straw man. But Jones has no shame in using the same card employed by the enemy, in the logic that a lie told often enough becomes truth. Alex Jones also touched on the lie of WMDs in Iraq – but he never attacks Bibi, one of the biggest pushers of that myth and one of the biggest lobbyists for the US Government to send US soldiers to kill and die in Iraq – a country which had nothing to do with the 9/11 operation. No. To Alex Jones, Benjamin Netanyahu is the good guy. In fact, US military presence in the Middle East is all about serving the geopolitical interests of Israel and the Gulf states. Jones has no problem with the US military acting as a stooge for the former state actor, though.

Alex Jones is another snake-oil salesman, an utterly heinous, filth of a creature, fake Christian, and fake patriot. He’s a Globalist all day long, except that, unlike the cosmopolitical factions at work, he only supports a particular brand of world order; when the USA snaps its fingers, all other countries dance: US-First Global Hegemony.

Jeffrey Epstein & the Mossad

In this article by Philip Giraldi [former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer], some interesting connections are made between Epstein’s network and Israel’s secret service. But I wanted to touch on a particular person from Epstein’s black book. This document contains 14 personal phone numbers belonging to Donald Trump, including ex-wife Ivana, daughter Ivanka and current wife Melania. It also included Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, Tony Blair, Jon Huntsman, Senator Ted Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, David Koch, Ehud Barak, Alan Dershowitz, John Kerry, George Mitchell, David Rockefeller, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomfield, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Elizabeth, Saudi King Salman and Edward de Rothschild.

In April this year, I wrote a critical piece on an old article from ’97 by Alan Dershowitz, the person from Epstein’s list of contacts. The ethno-centric agenda of Jewish Zionists in the US can no longer be ignored or dismissed out of hand as a “right wing / racist conspiracy theory.” It’s been going on for decades. The top echelons of US society, public and private institutions, are infiltrated and dominated by Zionist agents who steer the hegemon’s domestic and foreign policy without being accountable for it. The same goes for the UK. But you’ll never hear about Israel’s clear hold over US politics from the likes of Alex Jones and his associates. They’re too busy propagating the Muslim-scare, as if [tanned or black] Muslims are and have been in control of key US institutions and policies for more than 50 years. If you ignore Israel’s role in all this, then you’re either too stupid to think critically or a shill.

Iran Should Go Its Own Way

by Serban V.C. Enache

This is a brief case of why I think Iran should leave the JCPOA, in spite of all the bad press it’s going to get on the international stage. The seizure of the Iranian oil tanker bound for Syria should be the last straw. It was nothing short of piracy, completely illegal under international law. Teheran’s strategy of patience vis-a-vis the Western powers was tried and it failed; that’s clear as daylight and any more pussyfooting around will scarcely delay the inevitable [i.e. a permanent cold war situation]. The UN and other international organizations, like the IAEA, simply don’t matter if the Hegemon has set its mind, facts and honor be damned.

The biggest pushers for an Iran-US conflict are the neoconservatives, and sadly, that course of action has support at grassroots level among the Christian Zionists – we’re talking here about the Right, not the Far Right [KKKers and Neonazis]. Despite all efforts made by the likes of Tucker Carlson to educate the Conservative American public about the real situation in the Middle East, many of them remain brainwashed by mainstream propaganda – as is evident in this particular comment section of Newsmax. Here’s a taste of it: ‘If Iran gets a nuke, it will surely use it on Israel’ – ‘Muslims will lie to everyone to get their way’ – ‘They should do what Trump tells them, or have their oil taken as war spoils’ – ‘What have the Iranians done with the billions we gave them?’

That last comment is the type of inquisitive thinking that can’t be raised to Saudi Arabia and Israel – both sponsors of regional instability, terrorist tactics, and terrorist organizations – and the latter [Israel], a big customer of US “aid”. As for the claim that the ‘crazy Iranian jihadists’ will nuke Israel if they get the A-bomb, that’s one of the more easier things to debunk. In over two hundred years, Iran has attacked, get this, ZERO countries. The same can’t be said of the USA or Israel. There is no precedent in history in which a country possessing nukes dropped nukes on another nuclear power. There is no precedent in history in which a country possessing nukes was invaded by a power that had or hadn’t nukes. There’s no better guarantee that you won’t get invaded. Can the West, or better yet, the world as a whole, deliver guarantees that a country won’t be invaded if it disposes of its nukes and nuke-manufacturing facilities? In a rational and just world, yes – such guarantees would exist de jure and de facto. But we’re not living in such a world!

The Right in the US is hungriest to do Israel’s bidding in the Middle East, geopolitical ventures popularized and waged at the expense of US capital and US soldiers’ lives. Bill Maher, years ago asked Netanyahu what’s Israel’s secret for waging speedy wars. Netanyahu answered quickly and truthfully “Our secret is the US.” And no, I haven’t forgotten about the fake doves among the Democrats. Here’s Jimmy Dore utterly destroying Kamala Harris’ hypocritical, hawkish rhetoric.

What trust can the Iranians put in the European powers, let alone in Washington, who betrayed the deal first? The Europeans announce Instex, a system which was developed at a crawl, and one that won’t work if it doesn’t extend to oil sales [which it doesn’t in lack of an accord between Washington and its European allies], and immediately after that, an Iranian oil tanker is seized in international waters. The European signatories of the JCPOE, the actors who allegedly desire a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the situation, haven’t condemned that blatant act of piracy. Worse still, Iran is the target of false flag operations, designed to make it appear as a rogue state that’s asking for “it” [to be bombed and or invaded]. Iran should swiftly pull out of the nuclear agreement, stating objective reasons for the move and just wish everybody a pleasant day.

The West’s double-standards and warmongering are painfully obvious, or they should be to anyone possessing a fraction of a neuron inside their heads. Countries like Pakistan, India, and Israel are not signatories of the non-proliferation treaty, and you don’t see anyone in the Western or Eastern press calling for sanctions against these countries, based on the fact they have nukes and the capability to produce more.

But won’t the Iranian economy suffer if the country pulls out? It is suffering already, and the more it tries to be patient and negotiate with parties only concerned with their own image on the international stage, who aren’t in truth interested in establishing a functional deal, Teheran’s policy will remain unsuccessful.

Iranian imports from and exports to the West aren’t insurmountable market losses. Teheran should pursue closer cooperation with the few strategic partner states it has and should dramatically expand import substitution programs. Consumers are going to pay higher bills, yes, but in the medium term the situation will stabilize, and long term Iran will benefit from fully matured industries in terms of labor skills, output capacity, and know-how [technology level]. As I wrote in a past article, The Sovereign Nation State, in reference to the wisdom of Friedrich List on historical economics, a nation’s true wealth is the full and multifaceted development of its productive powers, not its current exchange values. For example, the nation’s economic education is more important than immediate production of value, and it might be right for one generation to sacrifice its gain and enjoyment to secure strength and skill for future generations. All measure of achievement is attained through sacrifice. The art of statecraft is knowing which sacrifices to make…

Yet the threat of military confrontation remains either way. Eternal vigilance seems a cliche, but I can’t come up with anything better. Iran, through all channels, private and state-run media, especially alt-media channels, needs to debunk all the false flag operations, it needs to shed an inquisitive light on the past deeds and motivations of its would-be attackers today, the past crimes of US administrations, all the hypocrisy, all the double-dealing, all the mythology surrounding the War on Terror, everything. So long as a majority in the Western audience remains wise against the war propaganda, Western governments will have a tougher time selling their hawkish plans, a tougher time engaging in bombing campaigns and invasion. Sanctions will remain, to be sure, they’ll even get harsher – but no enemy can rob you of your will and spirit.