The Non-Zionist One State Solution

Ian Lustick, professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania and specialist on the modern history of the Middle East, explains why the two state solution is a hollow and deceitful promise. Just like none of the North’s political elites envisioned a multi-racial democracy in the United States after the civil war [as opposed to a White Christian republic], the Israeli elites aren’t contemplating a multi-racial and secular democracy [Israel-Palestine] either. However, generational struggles [primarily at grassroots level] paved the way for such a change in the US, and that will be or should be the future of Israel and the de facto annexed territories of Gaza and the West Bank. However, Lustick doesn’t see such a fundamental change any time soon, and goes on to make a couple of observations on the region’s geopolitical situation, emphasizing the US-Israeli conflict with Iran and the possibility of a nuclear-free region. Ian Lustick is interviewed by RT’s Oksana Boyko. Watch the video here!