The Sovereign Nation State

Political vs Cosmopolitical Economy

by Serban V.C. Enache


The Globalist View on Statehood

Globalist premise. Most products have developed a complex geography – with parts made in different countries and then assembled somewhere else (goods of trans-national origin). Markets when left alone will allocate resources optimally, thus leading to efficiency and low prices. This, of course, requires the free movement of capital, commodities, and labor. All barriers – like capital controls, trade unions, welfare programs, minimum wage laws, nationalized services etc – will distort prices and lead to malinvestment (waste). Continue reading “The Sovereign Nation State”

China’s Africa

by Serban V.C. Enache

The last century’s violence and propaganda have left us with a certain type of thinking. That world affairs revolve around superpowers in their attempts to establish dominance over various parts of the globe. Spheres of influence are consolidated through the use of military force, economic sanctions, and regime changes – but also through diplomacy, material and financial aid, and cultural exports. Continue reading “China’s Africa”