Fusion Energy, Top Priority for Russia

Separating himself from that cynical [Neo-Malthusian] worldview, Putin stated “it is impossible and pointless to try to stop human progress. The question is; which base can this progress realistically be built upon to achieve the millennium development goals set by the United Nations?” Answering his own question, Putin laid out the important role of fusion power as the foundation for a harmonization between the realm of nature (the biosphere) and the realm of creative reason (the technosphere): “super-efficient scientific, engineering and manufacturing solutions will help us establish a balance between the biosphere and the technosphere… fusion energy which in fact is similar to how heat and light are produced in our star, the sun, is an example of such nature-like technologies.”

Read the full piece by Matthew Ehret here.

A minor, but important correction to Mr. Ehret’s article. The Technosphere is that part of the environment made or modified by humans. The “realm of creative reason” is called the Noosphere [the realm of human thought]. Thought-objects are wholly distinct, but inseparable from the realm of matter. In the vision of Vladimir Vernadsky, one of the greatest scientists of the Soviet Union and indeed of the 20th century, humanity will be able to create its own resources via mastery over nuclear processes.

I must state my disagreement with the following paragraph. “The 1970s saw the west suffer a subtle coup d’état with the elimination of all nationalist leaders committed to defending their populations from the re-emergence of a financial oligarchy which had only recently failed to achieve world domination under Hitler and Mussolini.”

I am very familiar with the writings and narratives of Lyndon LaRouche and his organizations. Some things LaRouche got right, other things he didn’t. The Axis powers were not anti-science, were not anti-industry, nor were they Malthusians. Yes, the Nazis believed thoroughly in eugenics and applying eugenics to humans. But their goal was never to plummet the population to pre-industrial levels, as is the wet dream of contemporary eco-fascist-aristos. Also, Nazi German imperialism lacked the financialization ethos of other empires.

The same is true of Imperial Japan. Their type of imperialism was conquest and development, for them, not for anyone else. It’s a big [ahistorical] mistake to paint German National Socialist ideology and the Nazi regime itself as just another club of oligarchs, looking to extract interest and rents left and right, content with feudalism, like the rulers of the Roman Empire.