Neoliberalism 3: Mônt Pèlerin to Mont Pelerin

by Mike Goodman

The setting

Mônt Pèlerin is an idyllic Swiss resort set in the mountains above Lake Geneva, roughly half way between Lausanne to the east and Montreux to the west and set back just a little from the north shore of the lake itself. We can imagine that in early April the skiing was about over. The weather would still have had a chill in the air so the business of the summer season would yet be in abeyance. Hence a perfect setting for a conference, away from the bustle of a big city such as Paris and without the distractions of a busy resort. Continue reading “Neoliberalism 3: Mônt Pèlerin to Mont Pelerin”

The Trickle Up Economics of Privatized Land Rents

Assessing the impact of privatized land rent on economic growth

by Serban V.C. Enache

A new study from Prosper Australia Research Institute investigates the relationship of the land rent as share of GDP with the rate of economic growth. Since WW2, there has been a negative correlation between Australia’s total land price and the rate of economic growth. Continue reading “The Trickle Up Economics of Privatized Land Rents”

China’s Africa

by Serban V.C. Enache

The violence and propaganda of the 20th century left us with a certain way of looking at things. That world affairs orbit around superpowers in their quest for dominance over various parts of the globe. Spheres of influence are carved out by tanks and guns, economic sanctions, coups – but also through diplomacy, material and financial aid, and cultural exports. Continue reading “China’s Africa”