Privacy Statement

What Personal Information Does This Site Gather?

The information we gather depends upon the level of membership. You are welcome visit the site and read the articles and information without impediment. We will not ask you to provide any personal information at all.

To allow comments we need a means to screen out irrelevant and, especially, unwelcome, malevolent or commercial inputs. Which is why we require people who wish to comment to submit a username and a valid email address as that is the standard login method for this site.

We invite guest authors from time to time and we have a small number of regular contributors. We know their real names in advance. They need no more than a username and password. We strongly advise them to state their real names and to add further details to their profile pages as these may attract personal assignment offers. However that is optional and entirely at their own discretion.

How Do We Use Personal Information?

The system uses the username and password to recognise our members and their membership classification, e.g. member, author, editor. It can then avert much confusion by restricting the member within their own category and permitting edit access only to their own content or that which they have editing rights over.

Personal information entered by authors and editors on their profiles is visible in the public domain. We strongly recommend they think carefully before adding direct contact details. We recommend this is offered via the system and its administration. We do not take any fees or commission for offers of work or for work secured as a result of participation on this site.

Who Else Has Access To This Private Information?

The Administrator can see a full list of members. Administrators are the only ones with system permissions to access that section. The only way they are allowed to use it is if legally obliged to do so. However, a site username and an email address alone are likely to be of little use for evidence, research or even for illegal purposes.

As noted above, authors and editors have system permissions to enter a personal profile. The contents of that profile are entered at the sole discretion of the author or editor concerned. Hereticus Economicus accepts no responsibility for the theft or misuse of any information so entered on this site.